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Management, Leadership & Human Resources                               

The following workshops are particularly suitable for existing managers and supervisors and those who wish to develop into this type of role, who may be deal with a range of staffing issues.

All workshops are delivered by professional trainers with extensive experience working in the subject field.

Recruiting for Excellence 1 day

Who should attend: Managers and supervisors who are involved in the recruitment (interview and selection) process.

Aims & Objectives:

The purpose of this workshop is to provide support and guidance to Managers / Supervisors, and any individual, who is involved in interviewing, and to promote and ensure ‘best practice’ within the recruitment and selection process across the organisation


Supervision Skills and Time Management 1 day

Who should attend: Anyone with a responsibility for staff supervision or who is new to management.

Aims & Objectives:

To define the purpose of supervision and be able to effectively conduct supervisions and appraisal meetings with individuals. Time management equips staff with necessary skills to prioritise and manage their workload effectively.


Discipline and Grievance Procedures 1 day

Who should attend: Managers and supervisors who have a responsibility for staff supervision and performance management.

Aims & Objectives:

³     Understand what the law requires

³     Understand the relative merits of a “grievance or a grumble”

³     Recognise the importance of note-taking and record keeping

³     Understand how to investigate disciplinary situations

³     Conduct a investigation and disciplinary meeting

³     Determine the levels and degrees of discipline

³     Understand individual rights and the need for appeals


Train the Trainer 1 day

Who should attend: Staff who wish to or will be required to develop skills in the design and delivery of training events and company presentations.

Aims & Objectives:

The course will enable participants to:

³     Describe the training cycle

³     Design clear training objectives

³     Consider different learning styles in devising a training event

³     Describe and practice different training methods using different training aids

³     Be aware of group processes and techniques to deal with difficult situations

³     Give and receive feedback appropriately

³     Be aware of training validation and evaluation techniques

The course will provide an opportunity to work with someone else to design and deliver a short training session.


Dignity at Work 1 day

Who should attend: Managers and supervisors with a responsibility for staff and for investigating potential bullying and harrassment claims.

Aims & Objectives:

The Course will cover: -

³     Identify and recognise different forms of workplace bullying

³     Consider the long and short term effects on the victim, their family and the organisation.

³     Learn effective strategies for dealing with workplace bullying

³     Obtain overview of relevant employment law